Crawford Priory
30th May 2018
This is Crawford Priory, in Fife. Despite living not far from this gorgeous ruin, I have only recently explored it for the first time. Exploration is a delicate procedure as it’s not a manicured ruin in equally manicured lawns. Nature has begun to reclaim it, and is no respecter of man’s work. As can be seen, the inside is absolutely out of bounds to anyone with a grain of sense, and the outside is to be approached with care too, as parts are pretty precarious. Only closed in 1968, it has fallen into complete ruin in the ensuing 50 years. There is a quick resume of its history on Wikipedia, so I won’t quote it here, but this place is beautiful, and caught my imagination the first time I saw it. I’ll be visiting it a lot in the months to come, for different light and seasons…but for now…here’s my first batch…spring…